Learn More About Global Warming

The scientists from all over the world have reached the verdict: the world is in a continuous warming due to pollution. The most dangerous air polluter is considered to be the carbon dioxide. Along with other air polluters the carbon dioxide accumulates into the atmosphere and makes up a blockage against the sun’s heat, leading to the planet’s warming up. The main source of carbon dioxide is: the coal-burning power plants and the automobiles.

Nature is trying to warn us about the consequences of our mistakes and is sending us signs that the global warming is installing. These early warning signs are: heat waves and unusually warm weather; the ocean has warmed up in the last few years, the sea level has been in a continuous rise and the coasts have been flooded; glaciers are melting and the Arctic and Antarctic are warming up. This is only the beginning as consequences will be seen soon: diseases will spread, the spring will arrive earlier, plant and animal range will shift, and population will change; coral reef bleaching; in some parts of the world flooding, downpours and heavy snowfalls will follow and in other parts droughts and fires will dominate.

In order to protect ourselves, our economy, and our planet from the consequences of climate change, we must consider reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Such a transformation needs the involvement of all humans, over the near and long-term, in order to protect our planet. In the beginning we must understand that small measures like: recycling plastic and glass, saving water and conserving power will make a difference if everybody will adopt them. Until now ‘greener’ ways of producing energy have been considered, like using solar panels, producing gas from rotting rubbish and using the water for new energy.